NEMA Partners

NEMA's mission is to foster the partnerships and initiatives necessary to improve the nation's emergency management, homeland security and public safety capabilities.

NEMA administers the Emergency Management Assistance Compact, a nationally adopted mutual aid agreement that is law in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands.  
EMAC was ratified by the US Congress in 1996 (Public Law 104-321).  

Through EMAC, states are able to share resources with one another during times of emergency/disaster. LEARN MORE >

Learn more about the EMAC Advisory Group (PDF download).
The National Homeland Security Consortium is a forum for public and private sector disciplines to coalesce efforts and perspectives about how best to protect America in the 21st century. The consortium consists of 21 national organizations that represent local, state, and private professionals. The consortium represents the array of professions that deliver the daily services vital to the safety and security of the United States. The consortium represents the first and secondary responders as well as those who will provide the sustained effort necessary to respond to any major emergency, including leadership and direction by elected and appointed officials. LEARN MORE >

Learn more about the The National Homeland Security Consortium (PDF download).

NEMA, the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO), and the Governors' Homeland Security Advisors Council (GHSAC) have formed a joint policy work group to identify ways in which state emergency management, public health and homeland security entities can work more closely together to enhance national preparedness efforts.

Some of the issues the group address includes better coordination between federal grant programs so that states can more easily leverage resources to support all hazards preparedness, better alignment of federal exercise requirements for states, development of performance measures for common functions between EM and public health, EMAC training for public health officials, and encouragement of regional planning. The work group includes funding partners CDC and HHS/ASPR.

Learn more about the Joint Policy Working Group (PDF download).

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Founded in 1933, CSG is the nation’s only organization serving all three branches of state government. CSG is a region-based forum that fosters the exchange of insights and ideas to help state officials shape public policy. 

NEMA became an affiliate of CSG in 1993 and our offices are co-located with CSG Headquarters in Lexington, KY and their Washington, DC office. NEMA and CSG partner on policy initiatives, sharing best practices and lessons learned between states, and promoting excellence in government. NEMA has a seat on the CSG Executive Committee and frequently partners with the CSG Regional Offices to share emergency management related information with state elected leaders. This long-time partnership is a win-win for states. LEARN MORE >


EMAP is an independent non-profit organization that fosters excellence and accountability in emergency management programs by establishing credible standards applied in a peer review accreditation process. 

EMAP was created based on a White Paper adopted by NEMA in 1998 that outlined the need for national standards and a strategy for developing such a program.  NEMA strongly supports the ongoing professionalization of emergency management through the pursuit of excellence and achievement of national standards. LEARN MORE >