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Committee WorkThe majority of NEMA’s policy work occurs within its standing committees.  These committees focus on specific emergency management and homeland security issues.  Every state emergency management director is assigned to a committee, based on his/her expertise or area of interest.  State directors are the voting members of each NEMA committee. A liaison from the NEMA Private Sector Committee is appointed to serve as a non-voting member of each policy committee.  Committee chairs are appointed by the NEMA president.

All committees meet in conjunction with NEMA conferences to discuss and debate national issues as well as develop position papers and make resolutions. These recommended positions are then presented to and voted on by the NEMA membership during the conference.  NEMA position papers and resolutions are widely distributed to congressional, federal, and state and local policy makers, and they are known to make an impact on national policy and program development and implementation.

Most committees also meet once or twice each year outside conferences due to the number and complexity of issues facing the profession.  Meetings are frequently held via conference call.


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