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Membership in NEMA is open to all who play a role in emergency management from local, state, and federal government; the private sector; and the academic community. Member category descriptions and dues are listed below.  If you have questions regarding which category is most appropriate for you or your organization, please contact NEMA staff.



Member Annual Dues

State Member

The state director of emergency management


Key State Staff

Emergency management agency staff members and other state agency stakeholders



For-profit companies, consultants, product and service providers

1-250 employees

251+ employees





Non-profit organizations or federal agencies



City and county emergency managers/academia (this category is not available to any for-profit entities or their employees)


Student Associate

Full-time students. Requires proof of enrollment


International Associate

All international/foreign memberships (governmental, non-governmental, agencies, companies, individuals, organizations)



**  NEMA operates on a fiscal year, July 1 through June 30, and above fees are based on a full year of membership.

Please contact Michele Schlake at mschlake@csg.org for verification of category and prorated dues amount.

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