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Dear Colleagues,

Please accept my personal invitation to attend the 2017 NEMA Annual Forum in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona from September 28th to October 1st.  This year’s annual meeting will provide us with the opportunity to continue to advance the profession of emergency management through our collaboration, as well as share the accomplishments and progress made since the Mid-Year Forum by each of the committees.

I always look forward to seeing everyone and hearing about what has taken place since we were last together.  As with each of our forums, we are provided the opportunity to extend our support and assistance to our colleagues as well as learn from one another which further advances our profession.  Active engagement and participation in the committee meetings and workshops is what ensures NEMA’s forward progression and relevance to the field of emergency management. 

We have many fun and exciting events in store for everyone.  The President’s Reception is one that you will not want to miss, and we will be weaving in some unique southwest/cultural traditions into the forum as well.  I encourage you all to take some extra time to explore the Grand Canyon State and see just how awesome Arizona is.  Keep in mind that our average temperatures in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area the end of September trend toward highs in the 90’s and lows in the 60’s with very low humidity, whereas the northern and southern areas of the state will offer cooler temperatures.  This area is known as the Valley of the Sun as we experience an average of 300 annual days of sunshine; so don’t forget to bring your sunscreen!

I look forward to seeing everyone in September.


Wendy Smith Reeve, Deputy Director, Arizona Department of Emergency & Military Affairs
NEMA 2016-2017 President



Our week will start with you engaging in the Committee meetings followed by ... 

Download the business agenda     


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