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NEMA Officers

President Ms. Sima Merick (OH)
Vice President Ms. Erica Bornemann (VT)
Treasurer Mr. Robert Ezelle (WA)
Secretary Mr. Bill Hackett (CT)
Past President Mr. Brad Richy (ID)

NEMA Regional Vice Presidents

Region I Mr. Marc Pappas (RI)
Region II  
Region III Mr. AJ Schall (DE)
Region IV Mr. Patrick Sheehan (TN)
Region V Ms. Alicia Tate-Nadeau (IL)
Region VI Mr. Jim Waskom (LA)
Region VII Mr. Bryan Tuma (NE)
Region VIII Mr. Mike Willis (CO)
Region IX Ms. Wendy Smith-Reeve (NV)
Region X Mr. Andrew Phelps (OR)


NEMA Committee Chairs

Past Presidents Mr. Mike Sprayberry (NC)
Legislative Mr. A.J. Gary (AR)
Resilience Mr. Russ Strickland (MD)
Resilience Mr. Mike Dossett (KY)
Response & Recovery Ms. Angee Morgan (KS)
EMAC Ms. Joyce Flinn (IA)
Homeland Security Mr. Brian Hastings (AL)
Private Sector Mrs. Shandi Treloar, EM Strategies LLC
Legal Counsel Ms. Brenda Bergeron (CT)

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