Each year, NEMA’s two national forums provide opportunities to discuss national and regional emergency management strategies with other emergency management professionals from around the country and with experts in the field.

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Conference SessionThe conferences focus on policy development, emergency management concerns, legislative issues, and federal relations. They give attendees the opportunity to hear, first-hand, the latest on issues that impact their agencies' programs. No other source can provide the current, comprehensive, behind-the-scenes information that NEMA forums offer.

The vast majority of states are represented at NEMA foruoms.  For that reason, federal agencies, members of Congress and the current Administration, and others attend the meetings so that they can discuss policy and program issues and get input from state directors.

Scheduling for the annual and mid-year forums is very similar.  Two days are devoted to committee meetings, one to two days are provided for professional development workshops, and a day typically exists for a plenary session.  A small exhibition, social networking opportunities, and state director executive sessions are also included in the agenda.

Dates for upcoming conferences are posted on the NEMA website calendar.


NEMA Mid-Year Forum

Scheduled in late winter and held in the Washington, D.C., area, the mid-year forum takes place shortly after the president has released the budget request for the next fiscal year and delivered the State of the Union address.  NEMA provides an analysis of the budget, and members use the forum to learn more about the budget proposals, including impact on emergency management.  During the meeting, the NEMA Legislative Committee identifies legislative priorities for the year in accordance with the budget request and proposed legislation.

Given the Washington location, NEMA considers the forum crucial in its ongoing efforts to educate elected officials about emergency management issues.  Time is set aside for state directors to meet with their congressional delegation to discuss NEMA’s legislative priorities and  state issues.

NEMA Annual Forum

The location of the Emergency Management Policy & Leadership Forum changes every year, coinciding with the home state of the current NEMA president.  

Leadership positions are voted on at the meeting, the outgoing NEMA president is honored, and newly appointed Board members assume their roles.   

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