NEMA Officers

President Bryan Koon (FL)
Vice President Wendy Smith-Reeve (AZ)
Treasurer Dave Hard (CO)
Secretary Bill Hackett (CT)
Past President Dave Maxwell (AR)

NEMA Regional Vice Presidents

Region I Bill Hackett (CT)
Region II
Region III Jimmy Gianato (WV)
Region IV Mike Sprayberry (NC)
Region V Brian Satula (WI)
Region VI Albert Ashwood (OK)
Region VII Mark Schouten (IA)
Region VIII Kris Hamlet (UT)
Region IX Wendy Smith-Reeve (AZ)
Region X Brad Richy (ID)


NEMA Committee Chairs

Past Presidents Dave Maxwell (AR)
Legislative Jimmy Gianato (WV)
Preparedness Bill Hackett (CT)
Mitigation Kris Hamlet (UT)
EMAC Dave Maxwell (AR)
Response & Recovery Wendy Smith-Reeve (AZ)
Homeland Security Chris Kelenske (MI)
Private Sector Brock Long (Hagerty Consulting)
Legal Counsel Brenda Bergeron (CT)
Pacific & Caribbean Caucus Doug Mayne (HI)

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