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NEMA Strategic Plan


NEMA Strategic PlanThe NEMA Strategic Plan is a working document that lays out the goals and objectives of the association for the next five years.

The goals of NEMA are to

  1. Strengthen the nation’s emergency management system
  2. Provide national leadership and expertise in comprehensive, all-hazards emergency management
  3. Serve as a vital emergency management information and assistance resource
  4. Advance continuous improvement in emergency management through strategic partnerships, innovative programs, and collaborative policy positions. The plan is reviewed yearly by the NEMA Board of Directors and Past Presidents and is modified as needed to reflect NEMA's 2010–2015 Strategic Plan (PDF format)


Events Calendar

National EMAC Workshop
June 02, 2015
NHSC Meeting
July 28, 2015

National Homeland Security Consortium Meeting (by invitation)

July 28, 2015

Lexington, KY

2015 Annual Forum
September 27, 2015 - October 01, 2015

Intercontinental Hotel - Miami, Florida

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