Washington has experienced a few bumps in the road in the recent months. The 113th Congress failed to find a budget agreement causing the government to briefly shutdown. They ended-up passing a short-term Continuing Resolution that will fund the government until January, 2014, pending the hammering out of a long-term agreement. All the budgetary drama has grabbed most of the attention in town; however, Congressional committees continue showing support for major homeland security and emergency management issues.
The focus for committees recently has been program reauthorizations, cybersecurity, and examining the response and recovery to Hurricane Sandy. Glen Cannon represented the association before the House Transportation & Infrastructure Subcommittee on Economic Development, Public Buildings, and Emergency Management and testified on the current response and recovery efforts being accomplished in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Shortly thereafter, NEMA President Charley English testified a joint meeting of two House Homeland Security Subcommittees discussing how to bridge the gap between cybersecurity and emergency management. 

NEMA will continue keeping a close eye on measures that effect major emergency management and homeland security concerns. We will continue to provide updates and input on the issues affecting our members. As always, we look forward to engaging State emergency management stakeholders as the year moves forward.


Grant Reform Initiative:

After more than 6 months of meetings, conference calls, and over 20 drafts, we are very pleased to finally be able to provide you the final product of NEMA's effort to examine the suite of homeland security and emergency management grants.  This effort was spurred by our desire to provide a response more than "please don't cut funding" to these grants in this time of austerity while also providing some potentially positive changes.  Please do not hesitate to contact us as you review this proposal.

View NEMA's Grants Reform Proposal to House and Senate Appropriators

Follow-up Letter to FEMA's Grants Programs Directorate, April 9, 2012


Current Reports:

NEMA Report on EMPG Return on Investment, March 5, 2012

NEMA Report to Congress on Homeland Security Grant Program


Recent Testimony:

Disaster Mitigation for House Transportation and Infrastructure by Bryan Koon, April 3, 2014

Grant Metrics for Senate Homeland Security by John Madden, June 24, 2013

Social Media in Disasters for House Homeland Security by Albert Ashwood, July 9, 2013

Hurricane Sandy Response and Recovery for House Transportation and Infrastructure by Glen Cannon, September 18, 2013

Cybersecurity in Emergency Management for House Homeland Security by Charley English, October 30, 2013

Outside Witness Testimony for Senate Appropriations, April 19, 2012

2013 Appropriations and State and Local Grants by Jim Mullen, March 7, 2012


Letters to Congress and the Administration:

Letter for follow up question regarding Sandy Recovery Improvement Act in Disaster Mitigation hearing

Letter from 9 associations to House and Senate Leadership regarding cybersecurity

Letters to House and Senate Appropriators regarding fiscal year 2012 funding


Bill Analyses and Legislative Reports:

2014 Mid Year Forum Legislative Update

2013 Annual Forum Legislative Update

2014 Appropriations House and Senate Comparison

Analysis of the President’s 2014 Budget Request

NEMA Legislative Priorities for 2013

NEMA Legislative Priorities for 2012

2012 Mid Year Forum Legislative Update

Analysis of the President's 2013 Budget Request

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