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State Emergency Management Agency Budgets



Individual state emergency management operating budgets for FY 2014 range up to $56 million. This represents an increase from last year when the high was around $51 million. There has also been a slight uptick in the average state budget, from $6.1 million for FY 2013 to $6.3 million for FY 2014. The same is true for the median budget – $2.9 million last year to approximately $3 million this year.  These totals represent state funding streams only and do not include any federal grants or disaster appropriations.

Funding for State Homeland Security Offices  

Many states combine their emergency management and homeland security FTEs, so in 36 states, the number of FTEs for both functions stands at 3,870. For those states that have a stand-alone emergency management office, full-time equivalents (FTEs) total 1,995. For those states that have a stand-alone homeland security office, full-time equivalents (FTEs) total 334.

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