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General Issue Areas: Implementation of the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC);
Integration of Non-State Resources into EMAC Process; Collaboration with Stakeholders to Provide Education and Recommendations on EMAC Utilization; EMAC Training Programs; Mutual Aid Policy and Operations; Development of Mission Ready Packages (MRPs) within the Mutual Aid Support System MASS 2.0; Integration of Interstate, Intrastate and International Mutual Aid. Coordination with EMAC Advisory Group.

For more information on EMAC,
visit the EMAC web site

Chair: Dave Maxwell (AR)             Vice Chair: Angee Morgan (KS)

EMAC Executive Task Force Chair:
Carol Walton (AR)

EMAC Executive Task Force Chair‐Elect: Victoria Carpenter (LA)
EMAC Executive Task Force Past Chair: Joyce Flinn (IA)
EMAC Lead States: MA, NY, VA, MS, MI, OK, KS, CO, NV, WA


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