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Preparedness Committee


General Issue Areas: Emergency Management Performance Grant (EMPG), National Incident Management System, Standards, Assessment and Accreditation, Planning, Training and Exercises, Public Warning, Science & Technology, Interoperability, Radiological Emergency Preparedness (REP).

Chair: Al Berndt (NE)          Vice Chair: Kris Eide (MN)

Committee Members:
John Madden (AK), Bill Hackett (CT), Mark Schouten (IA), Michael Barrett (MO), Ed Tinsley (MT), Chris Smith (NV), Perry Plummer (NH), Greg Myers (NM), William Davis, Jr. (NY), Mike Sprayberry (NC), Glenn Cannon (PA), Jamia McDonald (RI), Kim Stenson (SC), Kris Hamlet (UT)

Private Sector Liaison: Gary Scronce, IEM
Past President Liaison: Dave McMillion, Glen Woodbury

Preparedness Subcommittees:
Public Information Subcommittee: 
Jeremy Heidt (TN), Lead
REP Subcommittee: Kris Eide (MN), Lead
EMAP Commission: Wendy Smith-Reeve (AZ),  Dave Hard (CO), Ed Buikema (Armada), Mike Daniska (NC), Alisha Powell (NGA)

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