Dear Colleagues,

wendy smith reeveI would like to extend an invitation and encourage your active participation in the upcoming 2017 NEMA Mid-Year Emergency Management Policy and Leadership Forum March 20-24, 2017 in Alexandria, Virginia.  This year’s meeting in our nation’s capital will provide us with the opportunity to continue to advance the profession of emergency management by collaborating and sharing best practices that will collectively support the citizens we serve.

We will see a few new faces this year which provide us each a chance to extend our support to those who are stepping into new roles within emergency management.  I also strongly encourage your active engagement and participation in the committee meetings and workshops.  Each person offers a great deal of information and education, and my hope is that everyone will willingly contribute all that they can offer.

A new approach this forum will be the committee leaders formation of topics around their strategic objectives established for their respective committees.  At my direct request all committee leaders have documented priorities and goals which all directly correlate back to the NEMA Strategic Plan.  This effort will ensure that as an association we are collectively working to further the emergency management profession in accordance with NEMA’s Strategic Plan approved by the voting members at the annual conference in Chicago.

I look forward to seeing everyone in March! 
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Wendy Smith-Reeve, Director, Arizona Division of Emergency Management
2016-2017 NEMA President



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